Beginning Dog Training
Our dog training is very positive and fun.  We work with treats and toys and praise to build a relationship where your dog will work to please you so that good things will happen for he or she. 

We have discovered through many years of training, that the very best way to start an inexperienced dog or puppy is through private training.   When we used to have group puppy or basic classes, we found that there would often be a shy dog, an aggressive dog, a barking dog, a lunging dog, ect.  A VERY difficult environment to establish the attention that you need to  begin teaching your dog obedience.  We have found that when we work with dogs privately, it is much easier for both dog and owner to get a good start on their obedience training.  

When we train our own competitive obedience dogs, we NEVER begin by having them in a group class.  When we have some good basic groundwork established, THEN we get them into a class situation.  

When you begin a private session with us,  we will show you how to build attention with your dog and THEN we can introduce our dogs into the room to work with you for a distraction.  Our dogs will do all of the right lunging at your dog, no barking, no hard eye contact.  When you get basic attention, we will show you how to keep that attention in everyday , real life situations, whether it be a trip to your vet, or a walk on a trail, or a trip to your first dog show!

Private training has MANY benefits.  Most importantly, these private training sessions are tailored specifically to you and your dog and what ever problems and issues you may be having together.  You will start at whatever level your dog or puppy is at.   Another benefit is the flexible nature of the classes.  They need not be on the same day or time each week allowing for people with variable work schedules to train easily.   If you need to miss a class for one reason or another, you will not lose that class like you would if you were in a group class.  

We do have advanced group classes available for that point in time when you are ready to go on to another level.  

Private training sessions are currently $250.00  for six sessions. (The first session is generally one hour long so that we may get to know you and your dog's needs) the subsequent 5 sessions are approximately 1/2 hour, which is about the extent of a dog's attention span.  
For more information, please call or e-mail us!
We look forward to meeting you and your dog and helping you to make that dog your,
"Best dog ever !"