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By Hopelessly Romantic:                                                      06-05-2009
Michele is the BEST when it comes to training!  She is helping to transform our out-of-control Lab into a lovable family pet...and it's WORKING ! !  We have tried other training classes at the mass market pet stores, and NO ONE took the time to help us like Michele has.  She absolutely loves dogs, and it show!  She is, hands down, the best there is.

By mmcar38:                                                                         04-11-2007
Really great with dogs!  Michele is great as a trainer.  She is very patient and you can tell she loves dogs!!  This was my first experience using a dog trainer and I'm so glad that I did.  Michele devotes time to her classes
( individual or group) and takes extra time to work with you.
By Rose Siegel, California                                                         03-13-2010
Carolyn...I love your artwork!  I have so many paintings of yours and only yours.....If not for you, I would not even have one!  Your Artwork is Awesome!

By Bobbie Abern, Montana                                                        03-09-2010
I don't write too many of these, but I must say, I love your artwork.  You really get " the look" when you paint them.  I think your Easter painting a few years ago is my number 1 pick.  I have used a number of them in Berner fundraisers because they bring in good bids.  I think I have about 20 and know I will have many more.   Thank you!
By Terrie and "Belle"                                                               04-11-10
I have been going to Blue Ribbon for almost 4 years.  My new puppy had some bad habits.  I started her dog training at 6 months.  We stayed in it for almost 2 years.  Now at 4 1/2 years old, my dog is absolutely wonderful!  Everything we learned has kicked in and she is such a great addition to my life.  I think more than anything, These ladies teach the handler how to interact with the dog and for me that has made my relationship with my dog even stronger.  From a grooming aspect- anyone who can groom my monster cat and have him look good is talented and skilled!  They do a great job with both my cat and dog .  I make a turn onto the road by their shop and my dog goes crazy in the car.  She loves to visit Michele and Carolyn.  Thanks ladies for everything!