When you choose Blue Ribbon Grooming, you can be assured that you will not only receive a top class grooming job, but that your pet will be cared for in a respectful and gentle manner.   We do not hire unskilled bathers to do prep work for us.  All of the grooming is done by either Michele or myself, with thirty years experience each.  We are lifelong dog lovers. ( cats too!). 

A typical grooming takes between three and four hours.  In this hurry up world that we live in, clients occasionally ask for a dog to be groomed in a time frame that is unrealistic.  A good grooming job is rarely a hurried one.  A salon who offers a full grooming in an hour or so, is guaranteed to be skipping steps or drying a dog in a hot dryer.  We take the time to talk to your pet, and treat them kindly to  make he or she feel at home and do not dry them on hot.  Drying a dog too hot  to speed up drying and grooming time is dangerous and unpleasant for your pet.  We do not handle your pet like an inanimate object on an assembly line to get them done speedily. 

Of course, grooming time will vary depending on the type of coat.  A short hair dog will of course be done much quicker than a long , or double coated breed. 

Every grooming will of course include having the toenails clipped, ears cleaned out, pads cleaned out and a sanitary trim and bath in a premium shampoo.