Meet our canine assistants! ! 
We currently have 4 dogs who share our lives at WindSong farm! !   They assist us by demonstrating different obedience exercises and also by adding more of a " real life " feel to our classes so that our students can learn to handle real life situations such as meeting another dog and handler on a walk.  Our dog " assistant " trainers" are seasoned  veterans who enjoy very much helping us to instruct classes ! 
                                                                                   " Reo
                                                               Jack Russell / Beagle  (Jeagle)  10 1/2  years old
Reo came to us as our little "surprise package" !  We found a little Jack Russell terrier female who was a stray.  We later found out she was going to have babies and Reo was her only son.  He is a bundle of joy and loves to run and play with his Mom and Sister.  He also LOVES to swim!  He has been helping with classes since he was a tiny baby!  Reo is now retired from showing due to his age related health issues.   He started showing late in life at 9 years of age.  The AKC did not allow mixed breed dogs to show until shortly before we began showing him.  Reo made us VERY proud during his brief show career and retired with a CD ( Companion dog) title, a BN ( Beginning Novice), RN ( Rally Novice), RA ( Rally Advance),RE ( Rally Excellent) and a CGC  ( Canine Good Citizen) titles.  He earned two perfect scores in Rally and was High Scoring All-American in two trials,and placed in the top four nearly every time we showed him.  He was working in Open when he began having jumping problems and had to retire.  
                                                  UKC CH. Dancing Star's Neon Moon CD, Re, Bn, CGC, TT
                                                                              " Lucas"
                                                                        Doberman, 8 years old 
 Lucas has his UKC Championship, earned his Canine Good Citizen award, has a CD ( Companion Dog) title,  passed the  Temperament test, BN ( Beginning Novice) RN ( Rally Novice) , RA ( Rally Advanced ) RE ( Rally Excellent), and has one leg toward his CDX  ( Companion dog excellent) title. He placed in the top four a number of times and was also High Scoring Doberman either in his class or in trial a number of times.  Lucas was recently included in the Evangers Dog food calender.   Lucas is a ball of energy and a pleasure to live with.  He has a wonderful sense of humor that makes us laugh every day!  One of Lucas most endearing qualities is the fact that he is such an easy going dog and gets along with most other dogs he meets.  He also LOVES people and is a wonderful good will ambassador for his breed.    Lucas was bred by Liz Gentile and I am so grateful to her every day for allowing him to come into my life! 
                                                                                        " Boo " 
                                                                               Jack Russell,12 1/2 years old 
Boo, came to us as a stray who was running loose.  She had the tips of her ears chewed raw from flies when we found her due to a previous owner tying her outside.  It became apparent just as we were trying to place her, that she was pregnant.  She is Sandy and Reo's Mommy!  Just like a typical Jack Russell, she is a fire cracker!  She is a very compassionate dog and mothers a number of our dogs! 
                                                                                  Jeagle 10 1/2 years old
Sandy is Reo's sister and Boo's daughter.   She loves to run and play with Reo and her Mom and also LOVES to swim!   She is a very sweet girl 
She was our late Mom and Dad's little girl and she is sometimes used in our training program,