Meet our canine assistants! ! 
We currently have 4 dogs who share our lives at WindSong farm! !   They assist us by demonstrating different obedience exercises and also by adding more of a " real life " feel to our classes so that our students can learn to handle real life situations such as meeting another dog and handler on a walk.  Our dog " assistant " trainers" are seasoned  veterans who enjoy very much helping us to instruct classes ! 
                                                             WindSong's Sugar Creek's Effervescence                                                                                                                                                          " Fizz 
                                                               Beagle/Bordercollie mix 4 years old

Fizz is a Beagle / Bordercollie mix and who has been helping us with our classes since she was a baby.  She is a bubbly fun dog who LOVES to work and show off her tricks.   She is not currently being shown but can do advanced obedience work including directed jumping, retrieves and hand signals.  She will  retrieve any object that you ask her to and will act as a messenger dog in our home, taking our appointment book from room to room if asked.  She is sweet and loving.

                                                             . Dancing Star's I love the Night Life
                                                                " Nitro "                                                                             
                                                                        Doberman, 3 years old 
 Nitro was bred by Liz Gentile and he is a wonderful dog.  He loves to do tricks besides doing his obedience routines.  He is a funny dog and has a great sense of humor.  He LOVES, LOVES , LOVES chasing bubbles and also retrieving his ball. He will chase bubbles for as long as I will blow them for him.  He tries to burst every single on if possible !  Nitro is a very kind dog with all of his canine family here at our house.  is a pleasure to own.  
​                                                                         WindSong's Ari of Royal Oak
                                                                                          " Ari " 
                                                                               Jack Russell,6 months old 
Ari is the newest member of our family and our newest Canine Assistant !   She is already helping to demonstrate beginning techniques at our training sessions .  She is currently 4 months old and is a ball of energy.  She bounces around the house in hyper drive like a piece of popcorn popping !  Our other dogs adopted Ari into the fold immediately.  Fizz took on the roll of Ari's doggy mom and Nitro is .....well....kind of like a big doofy puppy himself so we call them " The litter mates " they spend every evening racing around the house. him at 80 pounds and her at 8 pounds !  They  play with all of their toys and Nitro will often give his toys to her. .  Nitro will wrap her in his big doberman " arms " and wrestle with her in such a kind way.    If the play gets too rough though.....Ari runs to Momma Fizz for some comfort !   She is a delight. 
                                                                                  Jeagle 14 years old
Sandy is retired and no longer takes part in our training program.  She is just happy to stay at home and sleep on the couch.  Sandy is a sweet old girl and is also very kind to the puppy although she does not participate in play sessions with her.  At her age, she has seen as many puppies as she would like to but she is very kind to her.