Great, Relaxed Training

Michael C.                           8-31-10
It had been many years since I have had a puppy.  It was quite evident when I got "Lucy", a high-energy bundle of both joy and terror, I was going to need training.  I think I made a good choice for both of us.  The classes were not only positive and comfortable, but fun too!  She is on her way to being a 'polite' little companion & I'm a much better teacher than I would have been without this ongoing experience.
Brad and Lindsey Wukich     Oct. 24, 2010

Michele is a wonderful trainer who's methods made a huge difference in our big - 100 lb boy, Ace.  He's a 2 1/2 year old Blue Dobe rescue that has responded very well to her positive reinforcement techniques.  I would definately recommend Blue Ribbon and continue to utilize their expertise.

Sincerely, Brad and Lindsey Wukich
Tim Bartels                       6-10-11

Ok, so I have to say that training my  min-pin ( Baxter) was a pleasure!  Michele gave me the tools to totally change this little rescue's attitude!  I was so pleased with the results that I got from following Michele's methods.  I could not believe the transformation!  I highly recommend Blue Ribbon for anyone who has thought about training their dog.  Baxter just graduated Basic training on June 4th.  He is now an AWESOME little dog!  Thanks again to Michele and Carolyn!
Jocelynn Brady               6-18-11
I had my mini schauzer trained as a puppy 8 years ago by Michele so when I had very significant behavior problems with my adult Australian Shepherd rescue, I called Michele desperate and afraid that I couldn't keep "Duncan".  Michele set me straight on how I should have been handling Duncan and the situation improved after one session.  Duncan is now very well-behaved and an absolute sweetheart.  I am so very grateful for her intervention.  I also have had Carolyn doing the grooming for my mini Schnauzer all 8 yrs. and she is great!   I wouldn't consider going elsewhere.
Angelo Baiocchi and Maureen Puskar
Our dog, Isis, has been transformed,from pulling on the leash and aggressive behavior towards other dogs, to a pleasure to walk with on leash.  And that was after only two sessions!  We had training from another well known Pittsburgh instructor but until we came to Blue Ribbon and met Michele we dd not know what a joy and pleasure training could be.  It takes work and perseverance but having the right instructor is invaluable.  Michele is not judgemental or impatient but rather very calm and professional and guided us in  a way that was appropriate for our level of knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour.  We plan to return in the future to keep Isis and ourselves in top form.  We highly and unconditionally recommend anyone in need of training or behavior modification for their dog to contact Michele. 
Penny Powers                              3-13-12

Michele was so in tune with our 11 week old puppy! "Darby" is really good about watching us and will come when called.  She is very patient and seems to be able to have a solution to any of the "problems" we encountered: Biting, getting willful when we were playing with her, ect.  If one solution did not work, Michele always had another one ready to go that did work.  Darby is still a baby now at 17 weeks but we are planning on continuing with the training so when she grows up she will be the best dog ever, (of course she already is in our eyes) and we will be the best owners ever! 

Thank you Michele!
Jennifer Gollick                 April 23 2012
Michele and Carolyn , you are the only 2 who will understand.  I am so PROUD of MORGAN that I could just BURST!    BUT...none of it would be possible without you, your training, your encouragement, and your coaching.  Thank you SO MUCH.

Jen and Morgan Gollick
Blue Ribbon Training students since 2007
Note from Blue Ribbon Training:
Morgan and Jen placed 1st in Beginner Novice at the Clarion Obedience Club
Trial on April 22, 2012.  Congratulations to Jen and Morgan....We are so PROUD of you and Morgan!!