Dog Training Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old should my puppy be to begin training?

A: With Positive training, a puppy can begin training at a very early age! To begin training with     us, your puppy whould have at least two sets of puppy shots.  You will be surprised how     
   quickly your puppy will learn !

Q: Can a dog be TOO old to begin training?

A: NO!  The old adage, " you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is certainly not true when   
   using positive methods!  As long as your dog is still in reasonably good health, there are NO     age barriers!

Q: What type of collar and leash do we need to bring to a training?

A: It is better to let us evaluate your dog to see which type of collar will work for you.  There  
   are a few different options available, as well as a good no-pull harness for dogs who are  
   already so strong that they are difficult to control.  The no-pull harness in itself does nothing
   to teach the dog.  It is merely a shortcut until we can get the proper training installed for  
   you.  Where very young puppies are concerned, we many times do not even use a leash for
   some of the early exercises.

Q: Will training solve every problem?

A: As long as the dog has a sound mind, ( and most of them do), training will go a long way  
   towards solving most problems.  Some problems, such as dog aggression in certain breeds
   are more "hard wired" into the dog and are more difficult to be totally rid of.  However,
   even in these cases, there are ways to control the unwanted behavior to the extent that you
   can live with it.

Q: My dog is "pretty good", should I still do training?

A: YES!  Even those dogs who are just naturally "good", can be even better with training.   
   Training opens up the whole world for your dog.  If he is already a pretty good dog, he has 
   a good desire to please you and will be a very willing learner.  If you put the work in
   through training, ( and it's not really work, it's FUN!), you will end up with a truly great dog
   who will walk nice by your side, behave when company arrives, be a good patient for your
   Veterinarian, and even travel with you if you choose.  Many pet owners don't even realize
   how much they can expect from their dog!
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