Hayla and Morgan's 3rd Birthday Party at Blue Ribbon !
Morgan Having taste testing her cake!
Morgan opening a present
proceeding on to another present !
Haylie and Morgan's cake from the dog bakery!
Hayla having a taste of the cake!
one taste is never enough !
Big Willow's 12th Birthday!
Willow Checking out her cake!
Willow in her Birthday bandana and hat
WIllow with a big birthday grin !
The "people" cake
Lucas and Kianna
Barb and Willow doing a trick
Willow playing pin the tail on the donkey !
Maxie and Sedona playing Pin the tail on the donkey  !.
Morgan playing pin the tail on the donkey !
Sam and Katie playing pin the tail on the Donkey !
Willow sampling her birthday cake !
Willow checking out her presents ! !
What a pretty cake! !
Willow opening her presents!
Reo looking forward to his cake!
Jen and Morgan dancing at the party
Our own "Renatta", ( Smack Dab's Renatta Jazz CDX) turned 13 years old on February 16th !
Does it look like she is enjoying that cake? ? ?