Thank you for visiting BestDogForever.com !  We hope to help you to make your current dog your, " Best Dog Ever!".   We are Blue Ribbon Dog Training, located in Soutwestern Pennsylvania.  We are located in  Burgettstown ( approximately 5 minutes from KeyBank Pavilion and five minutes from the Florence/Burgettstown exit off of route 22.) . We are proud that we have rarely had to advertise our training services.  We get many referrals from past training clients as well as local veterinarians and rescue groups.  We are also thrilled to have helped a number of rescue dogs to adjust well to their new "forever homes".  We serve the Southwestern Pa. area as well as eastern Ohio and North Eastern West Virginia.   We are within easy driving distance of Southern Beaver County, and not far from Weirton West Virginia, Steubenville Ohio,  Brooke County West Virginia, and Avella Pa.

We have over 40 years experience in dog obedience training .  We have worked  with a very large number of different breeds in that time and have helped people with just about every type of problem you can imagine!  On this website, we have assembled a collection of informative pages covering frequently asked questions about dog obedience training, dog grooming, dog health and general dog information.

There is, in our opinion, no other animal that so closely bonds with we humans.  Dogs share so many human emotions and traits....love, devotion, loyalty, and jealousy.  Like humans, they can have a very real sense of humor.  They can learn to understand an amazing amount of our language and when we train them correctly.....we can learn to understand an amazing amount of THEIR language!

We dog owners love all of the funny and sweet things that they do each and every day to brighten our lives.  Dogs and humans  share a bond on so many levels.  Dogs do so many jobs for us.  They are companions, therapy dogs, and show dogs.  They partner with us to compete as a team in agility, obedience, and freestyle dance.  They lead the blind, assist the mobility impaired and become ears for the deaf.  They help police detect drugs and bombs and help our military.  They can  track a missing child or a dangerous fugitive from the law.   They help sportsman and herd and guard farmer's flocks.  The list is ENDLESS ! 

Your dog deserves to be all that he or she can be.  Through our training program, we can help you to truly comunicate with and understand your dog.  

We offer beginning basic level to competitive level dog obedience as well as  CGC  (canine good citizen) classes and testing, and rally classes.

Obedience classes must be paid in person on first day of class.  We are not set up for cards,
Payment must be made by either cash or a check.
We are also the home of WindSong Farm Art Studio Dog Art, by Carolyn Rafferty.